A popcorn stall in Leslie Social

*Nolundi Luwaya

Stand back as the crowd shifts shape, from docile creature to menacing ape.

Reaching and grabbing with desperate arms, shuffling and queuing for the most meagre of alms.

If God walked among us handing out freebies, the reception he would receive would give the devil the heebie-jeebies.

There is much that’s surprising in this enigma disguised as living.

But there is nothing that’s surprising in the masses love for the giving.


If everything in life was as easy as a free slushy, then there would be little importance in the art of being mushy.

Christ’s tears would be bottled and handed out with free t-shirts, a glittering brazen slogan declaring: #Histearshealhurts!

(And there’s no MSG, guaranteed tartrazine free – so they’re safe for your kids with ADD).


Jesus should erect a stall in the Leslie Social Science Quad, if he’s hoping to sell the idea of him being the way to God.

But others would soon close him down, if their t-shirts were seen at the right spots in town.

So heavens PR connection should offer this sound advice:

If you’re looking to save mankind’s souls hand out free cokes with plenty of ice.


For the currency of our time is the freebie

And the catchphrase is quite simply: feed me!


*Nolundi is a researcher with an interest in the struggles and victories of black women, systems of customary law and land rights. She is also defiantly left-handed and will soon launch a campaign against cake forks, fish knives and other implements offensive to left-handed folk.


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